QIOPTIQ Optical Fiber Coupler laser

USP (Unique Selling Points) of our Lasers:
  1. Qioptiq is The World Leader in the design and manufacture of single-mode polarization maintaining fiber delivery systems for lasers at 355-1064nm. It is our own IP for the formula.
  2. KineMATIXTM is our IP.<1µrad/oC beam pointing stability (World’s most stable beam pointing, so beam wander is minimized)
  3. Single-mode fiber acts as a spatial filter (Gives true TEM00, diffraction limited, Gaussian profile “clean profile”; Gives best M2 possible <1:1; (no side lobes/hotspots/irregularity); Useful before complex beam shaping
  4. Easy light delivery from “A to B” - “optical plumbing”
  5. Integrate beam shaping at fiber output
  6. True “Plug ; Play” modular design

  1. Qioptiq Laser has good performance, even better SNR and stability than Coherent laser. Market is getting more popular using multi-wavelengths laser on high quality biology imaging. iFLEX-Viper is the exactly product for this application.

  1. Flow Cytometry
  2. Microscopy
  3. Metrology
  4. Precision Alignment

Latest improvement.
Here is a video explanation about the CLM feature in our iFLEX-iRIS lasers and iFLEX-Gemini laser engines.
Small clarification, when my colleagues said 10x reduction in noise I meant 10dB reduction. (Since, rms <0.1% becomes rms <0.05% with CLM feature).

New Closed-Loop Modulation Lasers

New integrated Closed-Loop Modulation (CLM) feature for Qioptiq iFLEX-iRIS and iFLEX-Gemini Laser Systems provides modulation capabilities without the need for recalibration, and delivers ultra-low noise and exceptional power stability over the laser lifetime. Ideal for biomedical and metrology applications where repeatability and low signal-to-noise ratio are critical.
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